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Why I am Not an English Major

As an anthropology major with goals of being an author, I am regularly asked, “Why aren’t you an English major?” Truth be told, I ask myself this question a lot, too, especially when I do research for what job to prepare for after graduating college. Many job ads specifically ask for English or Journalism majors, and anxiety creeps up my spine each time I see this. I feel panicked when I think, “Maybe I did choose the wrong major for what I want to do.”

When I talk to my fellow classmates about anthropology, they mostly want to work in museums or the like. While that is wonderful, and I love visiting museums, I want to do more.

I cram my head full of seemingly unrealistic dreams, and while the thought of impossibilities do cross my mind, I know that there is much more to work on in our world, and I think I have the means to start that process.

I cannot solve every problem, especially not by myself, as much as I would love to. I wish I could eliminate plastic waste, improve the education system, end violence and xenophobia in every form, and many other issues I see every single day. I wish so badly to make the world a better place, and no matter how many times I say it, no matter how many times people tell me that I’m wrong, I know that kindness can change our world.

For the last few years, people have agreed with my hypothesis that kindness can be a problem-solver, and they have congratulated me on wanting to advocate for it. However, recently, I have been met with people who disagree. Many believe that people are normally bad, that we are not kind by nature, and that no amount of kindness will change the problems in our world.

I cried after hearing these people. I was so ashamed that I could not convince them that kindness could change everything. I feel like it is my responsibility to use kindness as a way to connect people, so when I could not do it, I was appalled.

After thinking it through, though, I have realized that this exactly the problem I am going to be met with. That these people are part of the reason we do not expect kindness, that it is not as prominent in our culture as it should be.

And I am going to change that.

I am going to work on my argumentative skills, acquire proof of the existence of kindness as if it is a part of our bodies, and show everyone the power of kindness in humanity.

So there’s the reason I am not an English major. I am going to apply my education in human history and behavior, the good and the bad, to my writing, my vessel of sending my message, my voice, out there. And nothing is going to stop me.

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