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Awards and Publications

December 01, 2023: "Fictional Worlds" by Nichelle Taylor - Iceblink Literary Magazine's Issue 5: "wandering"

November 25, 2023: "My Grandmother After Losing a Second Baby" by Nichelle Taylor - orangepeel literary magazine's Issue 7: "Preserved" & 2023 Pushcart Nominee

November 07, 2023: "Faded Folklore" by Nichelle Taylor - Wingless Dreamer Publisher's "All Hallow's Eve"

October 31, 2023: "Thought Tornados" by Nichelle Taylor - Twenty Bellows' "We Are the West: Tributaries"

October 31, 2023: "The First Time I Shaved, I Didn't" by Nichelle Taylor - Twenty Bellows' "We Are the West: Tributaries"

October 31, 2023: "Ivy Eyelids" by Nichelle Taylor - Full House Literary Magazine's Halloween Games Room

September 01, 2023: "a friend to all is a friend to none."by Nichelle Taylor - Cool Beans Lit Volume 1, Issue 1: Fall 2023

April 30, 2021: "To the First Lover Who Saw My Scars" by Nichelle Taylor - UNC's The Crucible Spring 2021 Edition entitled Out of the Frost


April 30, 2021: "Glass Box" by Nichelle Taylor - UNC's The Crucible Spring 2021 Edition entitled Out of the Frost

March 25, 2021: "The Monstrous Form" by Nichelle Taylor - Of Distant Worlds by The Publishing Room


February 21, 2021: "Like Honey" by Nichelle Taylor - Sad Girl Diaries Literary Magazine



January 13, 2021: "Sonder: A Glimpse into the Anthropological Imagination" by Nichelle Taylor - UNC's Undergraduate Anthropology Publication

December 01, 2020"All Write: A Story of the Virtual Writing Community" by Nichelle Taylor - The Corona Silver Linings Anthology by LifeWrite Press

April 22, 2020: "The 2020 Rocky Mountain Dialogues on Mindfulness in Higher Education: An Interview with Dr. Michael Kimball" - UNC's Undergraduate Anthropology Publication

March 12, 2020: "Privilege at Play: Class, Race, Gender, and Golf in Mexico: An Interview with Dr. Hugo Ceron-Anaya" - UNC's Undergraduate Anthropology Publication

December 07, 2019: "The Firstborn" by Nichelle Taylor - UNC's The Crucible Fall 2019 Edition entitled Death & Nature

September 20, 2019: "The Monstrous Form" by Nichelle Taylor - Honorable Mention for Mainstream/Literary Short Story Category in the 88th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition

September 06, 2019: "Uncovering Colorado's History in Lone Mesa State Park- UNC's News

November 19, 2018: "Remembrance and Resilience- UNC's The Mirror

November 09, 2018: "Embracing Culture Through Tradition" - UNC's The Mirror

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Thank you so much for your support!

I am an aspiring author with dreams of making the world a better place through kindness. I am so glad to have you with me on my writing journey. 

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