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Current Works in Progress


Transformational Memoir | Currently Writing

Eleven-year-old Nichelle is on spring break vacation in March, 2011, visiting her family in New Mexico; when a cliffside collapses on top of her in her uncle’s backyard, she is bombarded by a new life of broken bones, hospitals, wheelchairs, and walkers. When she finally comes home to Colorado Springs, CO, she finds herself in a whirlwind of physical recovery, bullies, and familial expectations on how to heal, but she feels like a stranger in her own body. While the accident leaves her in a wheelchair for only two months, the emotional trauma lingers for much longer than anyone had ever guessed, and Nichelle is determined to keep it hidden.


YA Fantasy | Currently Writing

Descended from a long line of powerful witches, Paige's only proof that she belongs is her unbelievable knack for surviving multiple drownings--or rather, the curse that follows her. After dabbling in shadow work despite her sister's warnings, Paige loses her sister to magic she does not understand. Paige pairs up with a distrustful stranger in order to find her sister and break the curse. Along the way, Paige runs into old friends and those who know more than she does about her family tree. With only a week until the Willow Moon, Paige must learn what it takes to be a witch and what it costs to save her family. 

Beware the Tides


New Adult Fantasy | Currently Planning
Poetry Chapbook | Currently Planning

Starting a new chapter in her young life, Lucy moves in with her grandmother. Her grandmother has been sick, and Lucy has been tasked with taking care of her. Lucy hasn't been to the enchanting house in years, but as soon as she arrives, her childhood memories begin to show her the magic she used to remember, what she thought was just her imagination. After discovering a spell to give her powers, she learns that her grandmother is a witch, in charge of the family's magical powers. When her grandmother goes missing, Lucy must learn about her new powers and save her grandmother in the process.

A collection of poetry outlining my life as a recovering people-pleaser. 

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