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Current Works in Progress

DOUBLE VISION II (Tentative Title)

YA Fantasy | Currently Writing

Six months after Alison and Meredith's return to Halsdale, Alina is determined to keep the horrors of the Others' World in the past. Amid fast-approaching graduation, tension between Alison and their parents, and relationship trouble with Warren, Alina feels torn on how to finally fix her family's woes. To fulfill her sister's wishes, Alina casts a spell that accidentally wipes Alison and Meredith's memories. Now Alina must travel back to the Others' World to unlock the secrets to her family's past, and she reluctantly lets Warren tag along. Upon meeting old friends and new enemies, Alina must come to terms about who her true family is, and she must find the courage to stop them. 

DOUBLE VISION (Tentative Title)

YA Fantasy | Currently Editing


Transformational Memoir | Currently Editing

Eleven-year-old Nichelle is on spring break vacation in March, 2011, visiting her family in New Mexico; when a cliffside collapses on top of her in her uncle’s backyard, she is bombarded by a new life of broken bones, hospitals, wheelchairs, and walkers. When she finally comes home to Colorado Springs, CO, she finds herself in a whirlwind of physical recovery, bullies, and familial expectations on how to heal, but she feels like a stranger in her own body. While the accident leaves her in a wheelchair for only two months, the emotional trauma lingers for much longer than anyone had ever guessed, and Nichelle is determined to keep it hidden.


YA Paranormal Fantasy | Pause in Editing

Alina is a shadow on the wall compared to everyone in her small town--where Friday nights are reserved for underage drinking, organized by her best friend--but she harbors more burdens than her classmates can even imagine. It's been five years since she and her twin sister, Alison, were abducted. The kidnapper took Alison hostage and left Alina behind, leaving her with only a dim memory of the event and double vision that impacts her daily. When Alina notices her double vision beginning to change, she realizes there is more to the story than she ever knew, even the parts she kept to herself, the pieces that seemed impossible all this time. Imagine what everyone would think if she let slip the magic portal in the woods that took Alison. Things like that don't just happen, do they? But after meeting Warren, the new kid in town, she finds that he knows more about her untold story than even she does, and with his help, she allows herself to believe in the portal, to find Alison. Anything to find Alison.

Tris yearns for an escape into a normal life, something quite different than her reality. After years of suffering from their abusive parents, Tris and her brothers struggle with accepting their own identities and defining their family and personal values. After an accidental injury leaves her with a concussion, Tris finds herself stuck with the power to see the worst thing that will ever happen to someone, whether it be in the past or future, just by briefly touching them. Between the distrust and misfortune, Tris must seek purpose for her newfound ability, learning more about herself, her family, and the true power of empathy.

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