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Returning to the Writing World

It's hard to believe it's been over two years since I stepped foot in the writing world. So much has happened--I graduated from my undergraduate degree, began graduate school for a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from which I will graduate in May 2024, started dating a man who lives up to the standards of any romance novel I'll ever read, and have never felt more secure in my relationship with myself. (Remember that old people-pleaser you used to know? She's not as present in my life anymore!)

And yet, I knew there was something missing. I've been wanting to write intermittently the last two years, but when I had the sudden inspiration and opportunity to start writing again a month ago, I realized how much my body ached to create, to write something new. I've been starting slow, having written a few poems and not much more, which I have realized is fine because it's the best I can do with the limited time I have to myself.

I want to acknowledge this break differently than I would have before. The Nichelle two years ago would be so disappointed to know she let momentum slip away from her, that I have barely written anything in the last two years. And oh, have I missed it.

However, instead of dwelling on the disappointment or judging myself for not writing, I want to acknowledge the things I have accomplished and endured. I've been a real adult for two years--craziness! I'm surviving graduate school while completing internship (I can't believe I'm seeing real clients!) and having a job. I lost my darling dog, Izzy, back in February of this year, and the grief that comes from her loss sneaks up on me every day. She was my little writing buddy for so long, and she helped me so much throughout the ten years I had her. I've really looked inward and challenged myself to be the best and most self-loving version of myself. Seriously, counseling has done wonders, y'all.

As I continue to look inward and expand my existence as a person, I have realized that writing is truly a missing piece of my life. As I shared with a friend the other day, I've felt like a zombie the past year; I almost forgot what it felt like to be a person, but I discovered the person I am again, and incorporating writing into it will be a perfect way to get back to the me I want to explore and encourage.

As for how writing will serve in my life moving forward, I cannot guarantee that I can write every certain number of days or let unrealistic goals make me feel flustered because I cannot accomplish goals that I cannot commit to. That means, I am not really setting goals the way I normally would, such as by making a schedule I pressure myself to stick to or keeping up with Instagram. That season of my life was amazing, and I treasure every friend I made and all the support I received on author social media--you all truly helped me get through the pandemic and inspire me to explore my creativity at every turn. However, that season has passed; I am now trying to find the right way to incorporate writing back into my life.

For now, the ideas I want to focus on are writing some poetry when the inspiration strikes and building up the courage to continue working on my memoir. I have had new ideas I want to explore, but writing the memoir is emotionally taxing, so I am taking it one step at a time and being gentle with myself.

As I continue working on these writing tasks, I hope to write more on this blog and keep others updated with my writing endeavors.

Speaking of which, I have exciting news! In this one-month frenzy of working on poetry, I submitted a few pieces for publication, and three were chosen to be published, one by Cool Beans Lit and two by Twenty Bellows! They are anticipated for publication this September and October, so I will be sure to update my portfolio and share where you can read them as they are published.

I want to thank you all for reading and your continued support throughout this journey. Cheers to rejoining the writing world!

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amy taylor
amy taylor
Aug 13, 2023

Happy you are getting back into your writing and enjoying it. Congratulations on having your three pieces selected for publication.

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Thank you so much for your support!

I am an aspiring author with dreams of making the world a better place through kindness. I am so glad to have you with me on my writing journey. 

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