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Meet Nichelle

Nichelle Taylor is 23 years old and a graduate student for Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She grew up with a passion for reading, and it soon became her favorite pastime. It's no wonder that she decided to become an author at the age of 12. When she is not creating murder mysteries or magical tales, Nichelle enjoys bullet-journaling, reading the day away with a warm cup of tea in hand, discussing Harry Potter (obviously, she is a proud Hufflepuff), and loving on her two mischievous kitties.

She believes wholeheartedly in humanity's kindness, even when it seems the world has gone mad. While people criticize her dreams, claiming it is impossible, she follows them with unfading determination. After years of writing and editing several books that she has started--and she even finished some, too--Nichelle is committed to living out her childhood dream of becoming a novelist.  She is currently writing and editing Young Adult Fantasy novels as well as editing a Transformational Memoir about her experience after a freak accident she was involved in at age eleven.

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