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Thankful Days

So, we are four days early to be talking about “what we are thankful for”, but everyday, we should think about thankfulness. It is an important aspect of life and self awareness to express these things.

Personally, I’m thankful that Thanksgiving is so close.

I am ready for a couple days off, to be home with my family.

There has been so much stress the last two weeks: projects, preparing for finals, and work on top of that.

Needless to say, I’m ready for a break. Of course, I still have homework over Thanksgiving, but it will be okay; it always is.

Not only am I thankful for the upcoming break, but I am thankful for so many things recently.

As tradition suggests, I have comprised a list of what I am most thankful for:

1. I am grateful for my family’s constant support, with university and writing both.

2. My boyfriend and my friends for being there for me every single day.

3. I’m also very lucky to be roommates with such an amazing young woman who gives me such inspiration to be the best person I can be and giving me good memories to look back on many years from now.

4. Naturally, I’m grateful to have my puppy with me to keep me company at my loneliest times.

5. I am thankful to all of my followers on this blog for helping me achieve my dreams, slowly but surely.

6. And to cap off my list, I’m thankful for university and the opportunity to expand my knowledge.

No matter how much stress it gives me, I am so happy to be learning and given insights into my future. I have fallen in love with anthropology and know, positively,!that the facts I learn in my classes will help me prove that kindness is the best solution in society.

I am grateful to know what I want to do, thankful for the kind people in the world.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, and enjoy every precious second with your loved ones.

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