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In the End, Love Wins

I, I believe you and me are sisters and brothers And I, I believe we’re made to be here for each other And we’ll never fall if we walk hand in hand Put a world that seems broken together again Yeah I, I believe in the end love wins” — Carrie Underwood, Love Wins

I know country music is an acquired taste, one I really enjoy, but that aside, Carrie Underwood’s message is one of the most important things for our society right now. Regardless of the music, it is a lesson we must all listen to.

There is way too much hate in the world. People can be rude and violent; they can make you uncomfortable and sad. But the thing is, humans are not meant to be that way.

Humans, in my opinion, are naturally good. We value community, take care of each other. We even see this in the fossils of hominins that have been found throughout the world.

My favorite example is a Neanderthal man found in Shanidar Cave, Iraq from 35,000-65,000 years ago.

He was 40-50 years old, remarkably old for a Neanderthal man. When he was found, he had a withered arm, a foot fracture that had many years to heal, a head trauma that had started to heal and did not kill him, and a couple other injuries.

These findings imply that he was being cared for. Someone was helping him heal, bringing him food, and keeping him safe in shelter. He would not have survived on his own. He needed someone. And he was cared for.

Even in our distant past, we were a community and there for each other. We have life so we can live it together, support each other, and enjoy it.

Being kind is going to make life more enjoyable. Even a smile can make a difference, so if every person makes a point to help someone else smile, the world will be much better off.

We are supposed to be there for each other.

And yet there’s such a distance between people. This barrier that breaks kindness, crushes people, can be ended. We are all people, no matter the race, gender, sexual-orientation. Being caring will make the world brighter; I guarantee it.

Let’s limit the hate in the world by being there for your community, no matter the circumstance.

Create the world you want to live in. In the end, love is the only thing worth fighting for.

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