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You Are What You…

We all know the infamous saying, “You are what you eat.” If this is true, I would mostly consist of mac & cheese and chocolate. As amazing as this would be, I feel there is something more important lying beneath this quote.

We say this so that we try to eat healthier, but what if we replaced this quote with something else that would also make us healthier (and better people)?

As I have said millions of times, words are extremely important and have a lot of influence on the world around us. Words can be used to describe, explain, influence, promise, flatter, or destroy. Their impact on everything around us dictates a lot about our society, relationships, and personalities.

Words are an important piece of communication, but many times, words are used to hurt people. With each negative, hateful word released into the air, I believe the world becomes darker. Negative words have a powerful effect on everyone, and that includes the people who speak them.

Allowing unkind words to come out shows that negativity has control over you. People use words as a way to release the negativity in their head, and that is completely normal and human, until those words are used to weigh someone else down.

You are what you say. The words that you speak, kind, hateful, positive, negative, loving, affect your well-being and your own feelings. Words can define you, and it is important to use kind words for yourself as well as others. If you say kind words more frequently than unkind words, more than likely, you will have a happier life and better relationships with those around you.

Please be careful with your words. They are such an important part of human life that is constantly overlooked. As another infamous quote says, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

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