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What’s Truly Important

It would be lovely to have money for college, or money for a nice house, a new car, a dog, a goat (or thirty), but having money like that doesn’t come easily.

They say nothing worth having in this world comes easy, and I agree with that when it comes to putting in hard work and effort to succeed.

It is absolutely true.

However, there is something that comes as easily and naturally to me as breathing in air, and I would hope it is easy to others as well.

This trait is being kind.

Being kind makes things simpler;it’s free, and the payout is worth so much more than money, than jewels, than mansions.

Kindness is small and almost unnoticeable, like a penny facedown on the ground. But the value of kindness is incomparable, because it could just make someone smile or change their whole day, maybe inspire them to do more. Kindness creates life, creates interaction.

A lot can spark from one act of kindness.

The greatest part about kindness is that it doesn’t matter the size of the gesture. It’s the meaning behind it that counts.

An act of kindness can spark from opening the door for someone else, creating convenience, it could be a smile or asking how they are, showing affection or care. This could mean buying someone chocolate out of the blue or writing letters of what they mean to you. All of this is kindness and can affect others in the same ways, no matter the act.

Kindness creates community.

Being kind to others should be a simple part of our genetic makeup, what gives us charm and happiness.

Because kindness doesn’t just affect those around us, but creates more for ourselves as well.

Kindness is contagious, and the more we spread smiles and courtesy, the more we will receive and hopefully, our world will not be as full of violence and hate as it is now.

Kindness it what is truly important in our world, so forget about the coulds, and focus on the shoulds.

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