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Weekend Thoughts

Happy Superbowl Sunday! I hope everyone had a great time watching the Patriots win (I know my boyfriend did). I personally still cannot understand most of football, but even if I did, I had no time to watch it today. I was at work, but the shouts coming from the bar told me it was a very tight game.

I have had a busy weekend, but I wanted to make sure I updated my blog with some unrelated-to-writing news and a message to start off this upcoming week.

Yesterday, I finally had my first training shift to be a server, something I have been working towards for about eight months now. It is not much of an accomplishment, but I am very excited to be making more money (in tips) and interacting with more people in my job. It was a tad overwhelming, but my manager and trainer said I did a good job, so I will trust them and just look forward to my next training shift!

After spending yet another weekend at work, I am reminded of something I think about almost every couple of minutes at my job. It is not energetically expensive to be kind, and yet there are so many people who do not find it worthwhile.

Everyone wants to be treated kindly, politely, and I think that this is a fundamental value in our beliefs as a society. We might not act on it at all times, but we all have the need to receive kindness. If someone is rude to you, you will think it was uncalled for or terrible, and some may even be rude back to prove a point. Because we all think the same way about rudeness, we should all feel the same way about kindness.

If we all appreciate kindness and love when someone directs it towards us, we will give it back.

Being kind is something I think about every single day, and it astounds me that there is not more of it in the world. Being kind can make someone’s day better, and it can even save lives. Something that can take only a couple of seconds really makes a difference.

For Christmas, I received a few “kindness” themed gifts from my mom and boyfriend. My mom bought me a calendar and a tee shirt that says, “Kindness is Contagious” while my boyfriend gave me a mug that says, “Cultivate Kindness”.

These two messages are ones I want to expand on later in more depth, but for today, as a mindful thought, being kind is a process.

We all have the capability to be kind, but there are struggles in all of our lives, in our societies, that hinder us from reaching that maximum potential. Life is a continuous growth of character, and kindness is a huge chunk of those lessons. In order to be the best humans we can, we must cultivate our kindness, acquiring it and helping it flourish.

The more we cultivate our kindness, the more it spreads. The act of kindness is truly contagious because the more kind we are, the more others are kind, and we all want to continue to do kind things. The process grows, and potentially, we could have everyone cultivate kindness.

The power of kindness is exponential, and if we set it as an expectation, the world will be much better.

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