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Tired Busy Bee

It is amazing how being busy can really make your life different.

Being out of school for over a month now, I’ve discovered there’s many types of “busy”.

For instance, in band, I was always busy, but at least when I was busy, I was with friends and enjoying the memories being made.

Now when I’m a busy bee, I am working. And while I like my job, this work has been making getting into writing a bit harder, and it’s not just this job, it’s just always being busy. Any job would make me feel this way.

After working all day, my brain is tired in a different way than sitting at school.

I am trying to get in the mood to write, but I find myself tired, so I sleep instead. Even as we speak, I’m trying to boot up my computer so I can write, but it won’t turn on, and I’m dozing off. (While doodling a cute picture for this post)

I’m tired of being tired! I just want to write and enjoy every moment of it. And I know that soon I will do that, but right now, that’s what I need, my words and my stories.

I hope soon my computer will start, and I will type away.

Buzz buzz!

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