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The Stanley Hotel

This past week, I went on an adventure in Estes Park, Colorado.

My boyfriend and I spent 3 days in the beautiful town going to the little shops, visiting Rocky Mountain National Park for the first time, and seeing the historic Stanley Hotel.

To see Estes and the Stanley Hotel in person, I could see exactly why Stephen King chose to write The Shining.

Now for me, I cannot see where his ideas of horror came from because most of his stories scare me to death, but the inspiration is palpable in that town, at that Hotel.

It is amazing just what a setting can do for the mind! Writing gives such a different perspective to nature, as nature does to writing.

The mountains were beautiful, and everything about the town made me want to write my own book to inspire others!

Stephen King is one of the most recognizable names in writing, and just being able to connect with him on that level of inspiration was an amazing and motivational opportunity.

It was a moment that reminded me why I love to write, what makes it so special to me.

I cannot wait to visit The Stanley once again to feel the inspiration. Maybe next time I’ll come up with my own story while I’m there!

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