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That Grin From Ear to Ear

Kindness, I have decided, is a tricky business to maneuver. On the one hand, I find it extremely easy, and it seems most natural to me to be kind and help people out. For others though, much to my dismay, they do not find it as easy, or maybe they do not understand how important kindness is. Of course, I do not have an answer as to why kindness is not more prominent. I truly do not comprehend how people can lack kindness.

I still believe that kindness is a born trait that comes from human nature. I do not think anything will ever change my mind about that, even though I witness people who do not value kindness on a daily basis.

And theoretically, this should mean that kindness is not taught. I would love to prove we do not need for kindness to be taught.

Maybe a long time ago, it was not, or maybe a long time ago, that’s how kindness began, but I will never know for sure. All I know is that in 2019, we need to be teaching kindness, because somehow it is slipping away each day.

Our society has so many negative foundations. That attitude trickles into everyday life, and people take the harsh bruises from the weight it holds.

I have many stories from my weekend of doubles at work that consist of mean people and negativity, but instead of focusing on that, I want to tell the story of a father I admired on this Father’s Day. He was out with his little girl with the biggest smile imaginable. She was so cute, and her happiness was contagious.

They were very polite and sweet the whole time; even the five-year-old girl said “please” and “thank you” after everything she asked for.

At the end of their meal, I ran the father’s card for their bill of $22 even, and when I handed him the receipt, he handed me a $20 bill as my tip.

I could not contain my surprise, so I took it with a smile and said, “Oh wow! Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, and with a smile, he gave his little girl a high five. She held that grin from ear to ear like they had a secret, as if knowing her daddy was tipping their server more than expected was exhilarating to her.

In my eyes, he was teaching her the stepping stones to kindness. I’m definitely not saying that every person should tip their servers almost 100%, but that act of kindness really made my night better, and that little girl learning the importance of kindness is what made this weekend one to smile about.

So maybe if we teach everyone now how to be kind, we won’t need to teach it later. Children learn most by example, after all.

I’d say that little girl is learning from a good man; she is going places. And I hope she always has that little grin.

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