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Hello, all!

As promised, the school year has ended, so hopefully I will be back on schedule for my blog posts. I am very excited to have this time to focus on writing. Of course, I also have band all summer long, so as always, it will be a busy break.

So, summer has approached, and in Colorado, it of course is taking breaks from being sunny to be rainy and cold. Us Coloradoans are very disappointed in this, but weather is weather. 🙂

Now that summer has come, it has come the time to realize that in 2.5 months, I will be a senior in high school, and in almost 5 months, I will be 18 years old. This is crazy to me, but I am also very excited.

As well as planning for college, it is time to make goals about my future. While long-term goals are good, short-term goals are what will get me there.

I have now been editing my book for 2 whole years, and frankly, I am exhausted. So, my newest goal is that no matter where I end the editing process, I will begin to submit my book to writing agents as soon as August dawns upon us.

This is very daunting, but it needs to be done. I am tired of waiting until it is perfect because we all know this book will never be perfect. It is time to take my chance.

I am very excited to get back on track with this, and I hope you guys are here to help me. Your support is the reason I am still going. Thank you.

Have a wonderful and inspirational week, all! 🙂

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