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Speak Up

We talk in wispy hushes, something that sounds soothing and submissive, something that will not provoke anger. It is true that if we do not speak up for what is right, we will not be involved in the problem, and no harm will come to us. However, the whispers stay and consume us, and being passive soon turns to mind-numbing distractions, and our diffidence is not something reliable; it is now unstable, and we fall to the floor of our lives, drowning in tears, hearing the whispers, and they do not sound compliant anymore. They dominate us now. And all of this could have stopped you from being so hurt if you put yourself out there and spoke up the first time. Sometimes aggression in your voice is best because the only one who can do something is you. Most people will never speak up. Aggression can make someone see you clearly, see your intentions. If you stay silent, nothing will change. If you express yourself in a cogent matter, things will turn your way. Being passive is the best way to stay out of trouble, to some people, but sometimes, that can destroy you. We live in a world of fight, and sometimes, the only way to make a difference is to do say it loudly. Especially in the society we live in now, this is a huge step in the correct direction. We can always speak up. We can always change. 

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