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Hello, all!

I apologize that I have not written here on my blog since February 12th! I have been so busy with school, band, and life in general.

As it happens sometimes, I was in a rut. A very sad rut, which is very unlike me. If I am being honest,  I am still in it, but today was the stepping stone back to the happier Nichelle I know.

I woke up this morning to a beautiful surprise, that my piece about negativity entitled, “Good Morning!” had been published on a website, and I am still ecstatic with the news. I have officially been published for people to see, and it is a wonderful thing.

In fact, I had been arguing with myself that I did not know how to be my happy self anymore, that I had forgotten, but when I saw that it had been put out there, something bloomed inside me like the moment you fall in love, the moment you realize that everything is well. I was overcome with a sense of relief but also excitement, and for the first time in awhile, I could not help but overflow with joy.

I saw the amount of support I received from my friends and family today, and it was an amazing feeling to see people feeling as proud and accomplished as I am of something I had done.

Then, I reread my piece, and I realized exactly who I am because I love positivity and sadness does not suit me. After reading it, I remembered how to be Nichelle. It will take time, but I figured out the first step.

If you would like to see my thoughts on negativity and what saved me today, please check out my piece entitled “Good Morning!” at

Thank you, and I hope to be back on my writing game soon. 🙂

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