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Motivational Goals

As the year is still new, it is easy to make resolutions that can be empty or expendable. They often are obligatory and annoying.

However, these resolutions can be motivating as well. And that is how I’m taking it for my 2019. I have many goals for this year.

1. Writing my blog posts every Sunday, (and not forgetting like I almost did today)

2. Spending more time writing in general, including finishing my novella and sending it to writing agents.

3. Saving time for myself to read, bullet journal, and take care of myself, as I often feel overwhelmed.

Goals are easy to forget about. It is simpler to focus on the day-to-day experience rather than long-term ideas, but I want to create the best life for myself, and I know that writing is my future, so I have to make the time for it now.

Having goals is healthy, and even just one goal can significantly change your life. It is setting up good habits, creating positive and motivational ideas.

Referring back to my definition of a Positivity Enthusiast, I think that having goals is an important aspect of leading a positive life. It is setting up an improvement in the lifestyle you lead.

Make a plan and pursue it!

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