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First Week of College

I completed my first week of college! This is huge for me, being alone on decisions and out of my comfort zone, and it’s been quite the adventure so far.

My roommates and I get along very well, and I’ve loved being able to get to know them and laugh a lot. After a summer of working a lot, I’ve missed being social. Don’t worry, I’m still an introvert, so I do feel a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve been wanting to take some time to write, but we shall see how it goes with everything else I have to do. I’ve missed writing a lot.

I do have to say that I do have lots of homework (that I’m taking a break from to write this), but I’m managing.

Actually, the homework assignment I must conquer is something very difficult for me to cope with. For my Cultural Anthropology class, I must write about something in my life that has made me the person I am today. And this is challenging.

Writing about myself is something I always struggle with, but for me, the things that have happened that make me who I am, are difficult to talk about. So sitting and writing about things that impact me, is very stressful.

Especially since I cry. A lot.

The good thing is, I’m getting practice at writing about things that are difficult to discuss, which I should be doing a lot the next 4 years of college and in my career.

Now on to the second week!

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