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Emotions Are Human

Much can be said about emotions. Many people say they make you weak; others say they make you strong. And for me, emotions make you human.

Emotions can have high and low points, representing portions of life. Even when bad events happen, the emotions we experience, no matter how sad, traumatizing, degrading, is necessary for human experience.

One of the most difficult parts of life is having emotions that many other people don’t have and putting them to use in your own way.

In low times, experiencing your emotions is the best way to relieve the burden in your body. We carry our stress with us, and the most important thing we can do with it, is help us change for the future.

Bad experiences don’t always have to be traumatic. We can learn from everything.

It is important to acknowledge feelings that don’t make us happy. Realizing what makes you unhappy can help you shape situations so you’re more successful and joyful in the future.

For every day, for every bad event, I find a silver lining. I know this might not work for everyone, but everyday, I sit and calmly breathe in and out, deciding my happiest emotion that day, whether it be my favorite moment or something that made it easier to cope.

Some days it’s easy, and other days, it’s much more difficult. We can’t help but have bad days. And you’re allowed to feel bad about it.

Some days, my silver lining is just getting off work early.

But at the end of every month, we all tend to focus on negatives. In September, I could focus on the struggles I had, the stress I feel at this very moment, but when I look back at the good emotions that I had, I realize how great September was, and even if it wasn’t the best, I’m still lucky to be alive.

Keep your emotions with you, no matter what. They make up who you are.

As you look back on your September, remember the emotions, good and bad; they are important to how you will continue to grow and how they will shape your upcoming October.

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