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Carrying Kindness

I have a thrilling hypothesis: every person has the capacity to carry kindness and compassion in their hearts. I believe very faithfully that this is true, even to the point I would consider it a theory, but according to the scientific method, I don’t have enough evidence and have not conducted any experiments.

Nonetheless, I do have proof.

Many of my observations come from work, being a hostess, and last night, I witnessed something that filled my heart with happiness. Pure joy!

As soon as the first teen couple of glimmering gown and stunning tie walked in the door, ready to make some memories at homecoming, I knew we were in for a busy night.

Soon we were on a 20-30 minute wait, and on top of that, we had a number of large parties come in that were on 45 minute waits. One of these parties consisted of 9 people, and they all sat down at the bar whilst patiently waiting for me to seat them.

But one of them emerged from the crowd to tell me someone’s headlights were on in the parking lot, slowly dimming, and we all knew that meant bad news.

Frantic, I found my manager, desperate to save someone’s night. The guest who notified me sat there in a panic too, watching me scramble around. I could tell she was very concerned, which made me realize how thoughtful she was.

My manger was very busy, so I decided to go searching for the owner of the car myself. Almost every table was full, so I anticipated a long search. I was hoping I would find them in time to save the car from mishap.

I only went to three tables before I found the owner. And, boy, was I lucky there, as the owner happened to be a spiffy young man at a table full of dressed up friends, enjoying dinner before going to homecoming.

When I told him that he was needing to check on his car immediately, he began to freak out, understandably so, and it became clear, he was the group’s only transportation to the dance.

As he went out to his car, the party of nine stopped him and assured him that if his car needed a jump start or anything like that, they’d be happy to help out.

Fortunately, when the young man came back in, he announced to me and the party of nine that his car was fine, but he thanked them for their offer to help, and he thanked me for letting him know.

Thanks to this set of nine strangers, he and his friends made it to homecoming without a debacle worthy of a young adult novel.

Even though it was a small act of kindness in this scenario, just by working together, restaurant employee and guests, we were able to prevent a negative event.

And this is an example of what inspires me to be kind to every single person in the whole world. It may not seem like much at first glance, but common courtesy can go a long way.

And while I don’t have enough evidence to turn my hypothesis into a theory, I think anyone can see that we can all make a difference.

We all carry kindness within us, we just have to let it out in the best possible way.

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