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Bullet Journal

If I had to sum up my life the past month in two words, I would consider “hot mess” or “terribly unorganized”. And thanks to the miracle of journals coated in dots, there can be a cure.

Yes, I am talking about a bullet journal, something I didn’t know existed until about 3 weeks ago. I was scrolling through Facebook and stumbled upon a video showing off different ideas for a bullet journal setup, and the idea struck me as genius, and it is so simple; I cannot believe the impact it can really make.

A bullet journal is a normal looking journal but on the inside pages, it is lined with a grid of dots. Many people use these journals as calendars, artistic capsules, practice for calligraphy, and mainly, to organize their thoughts and their lives.

Basically a planner on steroids.

Now, this journal may not seem like a miracle fix, but for someone who feels stuck, at the brink of moving on, but not quite there, who hasn’t been able to work on anything creative in a long time, it would seem that it could be.

And in this scenario, I am that someone.

After I discovered the planner, I began scouring through YouTube to find more videos and more ideas. Unfortunately, because of recent hardships in my family, I wasn’t able to get a journal. And it was not a big deal, just a disappointment as it seemed that this journal was just what I needed.

And on January 28th, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 month anniversary, and he surprised me with a beautiful bullet journal!!

I was so taken aback and moved because the gesture was so kind and thoughtful, for so many reasons. I was extremely ecstatic, still am, and I can’t thank him enough for his wonderful gift to me. It means the world to me. Thank you, Hunter. I appreciate you. 🙂 ❤

After he presented the journal to me, I immediately got to work that day, coloring and planning, and finding a space for me to be organized, accomplished, and completing tasks, feeling complicated but simple, and creative but in check.

And now, I have something that is keeping me in my line, and I feel more accomplished than I have in such a long time.

In my 241-paged savior, I have a monthly planner, a weekly planner, a to do list for every day (things to keep me on task and on schedule), a silver linings log (a list of at least one good thing that happens to me everyday so I can count my blessings), my goals for the month, a habits tracker (to keep track of the good and bad things I do for myself every day like taking vitamins (good), biting my nails (bad), and exercising (both good and bad), depending on how you look at it). I also have goals for movies and TV Shows I want to watch, and most relevant to my blog, is a planner for my writing. This includes ideas for my books and my short stories, and also my blog posts as well at my author Instagram posts (@author_nichelle_taylor).

I am very excited about this new organization to say the least, and I highly recommend it! I think this is such a great thing for me!

I hope this continues a motivation for me, and I look forward to the many months of planning ahead!

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