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Once again, I am behind in my blog, but I think that I will become better about posting once school is over. Until then,  I apologize.

This week has made me realize writing is a true blessing in my life because when I am stressed and not myself, I can turn to writing to remember.

Writing helps me ease the stress. This week, many tests, obligations, and auditions took up my mind, making me feel powerless, but I remembered my writing.

When I want to feel good, I plan out a new story to add to the millions in my head, or I write small, elegant passages. Sometimes, I can even just read some I’ve written before and remember why I am in my position; I am preparing for my life of writing ahead. I remember the way it feels to create something out of only your knowledge. The love of the art pours through each word, and I thrive on the thrill of story-telling alone. It exhilarates me.

I am blessed to have writing in my life, and I am eternally grateful to have the enjoyment of all writing, even the one for English I must type tonight. Nonetheless, I love the craft dearly, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I am thankful to be a writer.

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